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Thursday, February 27, 2003


Seen the new plan?
New WTC Plan
WTC Finalists

"Working on resale phone makes my head all GUI." ~ someone's got to get this...

Scottsman gallery.
For all you aspiring Porsche racers out there.
...and some more driving pointers.
Fly a virtual paper airplane!
The site that started it.
Ever wonder about the mating habits of primitive sheep?
The last peep has been peeped from Pioneer.
Kill a "world's oldest" and you'll only be greeted by another...
Amazon filed a patent on online item discussion groups, in relation to a shopping site, I presume.
Some much needed FARK publicity, now that the internet's "doing well" again, there are more and more stories of the remaining sites, who stand amidst the rubble...
Hey kids! Don't steal mail!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


Some people just never want to accept responsibility. Maybe they'll grow out of it, but in the meantime it's aggravating to see without being able to help. It's not something that can be taught, there's just a point and time when you say "Oh... ya know, I get it now." Life looks a little different, you realize it can't all be for you, can't all be fun, and requires sacrifice sometimes.

Many people are still in the "me zone" - many are 25 and still living with their parents. 1 in 10 of 24-35 year olds according to a recent survey. I feel like yelling, and telling people to do things, but that would just make me sound like their parents. There's a reason parents sound as they do... because they know what needs to be done, and I've proven my parents right since I moved out. I mainly was only proving them right to myself, as I was always sure they weren't right, they didn't know best, and I could figure things out much better on my own. Once I was out on my own I learned what worked, what didn't... and proved their theories for the most part.

You can't tell people what the right way is, some don't believe there is a right way... but even if someone finds out on their own, it's all built on similar blueprints. I haven't yet found a way to share this without "telling" someone, I just stand back - let them do it as they will as I have a feeling there's still more "Oh... ya know, I get it now." to come.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


Thinking of buying el smoko bongo online? You'd better think again
I want to buy this videocard now: "BI-A-TCH! GO MAKE ME A SAMWICH!!
Here's a very large Cheeto!
Send a demon into hell... see if he comes out an angel.
"Holy spitting cobras, Batman!"
A green car? Yes a very dirty green car...
Coke & Pepsi software, or softdrinks you be the judge.
It's official: a computer program picks hit songs better then American Idol.
Man dies at age 113 doing everything you're not supposed to do.
Millions of man eating flies escape from
man eating fly factory.
I don't know who this guy is, but it's pretty funny.
Check this out if you're a fan of Andy Warhol
New Net Hack 3.4.1 released.
Israeli Scientists strike again with a computer made from DNA, powered by ATP.

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So here's another post that won't readily be published any time soon.

Here I am thinking about how much work this current relationship is. There's so much that I want, that I haven't had up to this point, but I think that quitting what I currently have will lead to me being able to have these things - though it's never happened before.
I always get into things, am just getting comfortable, start thinking about the long haul... and how I don't want to do this anymore.

I'd really like someone::
who looks at life similar to myself
who can understand what I mean
who can accept people, or at least get along where they need to
who likes technology, embraces it, and is somewhat knowledgeable re:
who is into extra extracurricular activity
who is active, would like to play frisbee, hackysack
who has a positive attitude
who has a positive self-image
who has a decent job, can at least pull partial weight
who I can actually talk to about interesting things
who thinks beyond "what they did today"
who appreciates music of all types, has their own tastes, an enthusiast
who doesn't like reality TV (pretty much anything MTV that isn't music) and doesn't watch TV often

A lot of these things I didn't discover until about a week or two into it. I assumed that there was just more to discover, and though I spent more time... nothing new really came of it.
Topics of conversation include::
  • how drunk I got that one time
  • what I did today
  • what thing happened that reminded me of my childhood
  • how much of a bitch someone was being
  • are you mad at me?

    I can't change anything, at least not now, I'll probably keep going until I can find another option.
    The other day she asked me if "we were OK" of course I said yes.
    Last night she said she needs to feel needed. I could call... and do call, but what would we talk about? There's never anything interesting, if new. She IM'd this to me when someone moved my mouse while I wasn't home -- she saw activity, IM'd me... and no response, so that's a whole buncha good.
    She'll most likely think I'm mad at her, I'll give her a call when I get home... but I don't feel like putting up with useless nonsense like "I need to feel needed, not just like another girl" that's not me, I do what I can when I can.
    I'm busy a lot of the time, or in the middle of something - like CLEANING, and can't just jump up to watch TV with you. I don't like TV and can't just sit there and watch useless mind-numbing TV!

    I'm not about looks, someone has to look decent, at least a cute face.
    The insides are really what count, and when there's things about the insides that don't sit with me the right way, or aren't stimulating where I need them to be... it starts me thinking. I'll keep going as long as it takes, but then on the other hand the longer I go, the harder it will be. Hopefully she'll realize I'm all weird and not like me anymore, give me the boot -- that would be cool. Then I was in a relationship and she's left me like all the others...

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    Ok, so I'm adding to the page references this link has gotten, it was the top of popdex the other day, now it's down to #4... but just in case you missed it, Blogger's been purchased by Google, and everyone is speculating what they're going to do with it.

    a23 - electronic band I found while looking at related URLs
    early influences regarding industrial dance music - Depeche Mode... word - also check out their host

    Happy, happy!

    Coming soon to a city near you! - Learn to drive like a pro.
    In the meanwhile... practice your double clutching.

    I've heard many rumors regarding this song - check out www.limpbizkit.com to read for yourself.
    Greg Hill (WAAF) seems to think it's a ploy, he produced Brittany's album, told her to be mum about it, posted something about "I'm just really glad to know Brittany at this time in my life..." blah blah on his weblog, and set it all up to promote the album. People were saying "what is he so pissed off about"? Now that he's got the money and success, everyone thinks Fred's done. I think it could certainly be a ploy. He wouldn't ruin a business relationship (he's producing her albums, remember?) by cutting down someone like that. It smells fishy, especially since the new album is called "BiPolar" and he's all double-sided in his web log.
    I don't care, personally... but with Avril Lavigne supposedly being so fake, she's anti-fake and other's trying to mess with our minds... it takes reality TV another level. Reality reality, blurring the lines between entertainment and news, and making media their tool. It would be somewhat scary to think it's all set up - that they're able to play people like this.

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    Saturday, February 22, 2003


    I'm going to Puerto Rico! I just got a call to confirm, I'm heading down to do some networking for a friend who just got a job with a mogul, of sorts. They're going to pay my way, room/board, food, and I'll in turn hook up their network. I'm going down during spring break -- just bought my ticket, and now I'm all excited. =]

    Great White's concert rider from the RI show.
    Take a Virtual Tour - Copenhagen, Design and Architecture

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    go here
    One woman's curiosity.
    It's FunkAFied!
    Recreate the British invasion with RTS -- the Brittish think they can win, given another chance.
    Well, they may not be real Border Patrol, but they sure have got juevos.
    The ghost is more friendly now, probably because he walks around naked all the time.

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    Friday, February 21, 2003


    OK -- In true Friday style... it's time to play catch up!

    Have you heard about Internet2? [ article ]
    G@@gle is not your friend!
    Remember that big worldwide anti-war protest last week? Big surprise! Bush brushed it off.
    Scientists say the rise of man is due to a gene mutation.
    Here's some interesting pictures from the oddly enough category.''
    Falls under the "Could be a James Bond movie plot" news: Belgian Diamonds Stolen!
    What better name for a domain, then a date.
    Mr date-domain's girlfriend's site.
    FARK creates "too much traffic" - this was a pretty entertaining story.
    In the "Where are they now?" category:
    Nude pictures of Tiffany
    Bobby McFerrin's Homepage
    Study: All addictive drugs stimulate the same part of the brain, including nicotine.

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    Tuesday, February 18, 2003


    Microsoft's new ploy -- waste time playing music, sharing images, and chatting with your friends. [ article ]
    Here's what the whole "terror education" has accomplished, a fear-filled society that panics when someone yells "poison gas"!
    A few tips for sprucing up that small apartment.
    Google has bought Blogger. .:sigh:.
    FBI says: only we're allowed to hack Iraq, don't you try this at home!

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    Heroin is evil, ecstacy is magical... what's next Winston Churchill crack?
    It's... N A K E D T I M E ! ! !
    Some belated creepy valentines.
    It is... the car of the future!!! .:ominous bass drums:.
    Maybe that counts as apocalyptic omen of the day.
    Remember "Smack the Monkey"? Here's Slap the Ho!
    How to get caught by your own stupidity.

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    So Valentines day was on Friday... I had a nice evening - Nicole and I went to go see "South Pacific" at Symphony Hall. I got the tickets late so we could only get balcony seats. It wasn't all that bad, though we couldn't see their faces, the sound system was perfect so it didn't quite matter. That's where over accentuated motion in theater comes into play. =]

    Saturday I went to go see Treading Waters @ a local pub. The place was a dive, but the music was good and it was really close to WNEC, ended up staying there that night.

    Sunday I relaxed with "DOA: Extreme Volleyball" on XBox & "SimCity 4" on PC, my buddy Justin was home for the weekend, so he came out to visit... had a few drinks and (after a while - no drinking and driving here) went for a drive in the Protege.
    It had already started to snow a little with the impending "blizzard".

    Monday morning I was awakened early by the arrival of my iMac, my .mac software got lost by UPS (they say they delivered it - I never got it) but it's not like it's required. I had it up and on the web in under 5 minutes. I just turned it on, no configuration, no removing stupid piggy back programs like GATOR, or other adware. It was said that the iMac looks like ET leaning into me, and with the bubble speakers it's a futuristic looking thing. I now have the PC to the side, and to see the computer desk and it's components is a true power-user's dream. I'll post a picture at some point.
    The snow continued to pile, there was a great turmoil about shovelling, that everyone must help and yadda yadda, I got all bundled up, went out, started shoveling, called for my house-mates to join me... Ken came out and said "umm... they're getting a plow, Scott said they'd already paid the guy and he's coming back later today." I went and asked the landlord who was shovelling her own walk
    "yeah... he's coming"
    "then why am I shoveling?"
    "I wondered the same thing, I yelled to you"
    "I didn't hear you"
    "I left you a voicemail"
    "I'm here shovelling... could have told me"
    "well, it's good exercise"

    So I shoveled half the driveway for nothing. Oh well, such is life -- and it wasn't all that bad, had it been the whole driveway... then that might have been a different story...

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    Thursday, February 13, 2003


    Belated links: (may be a few days behind)

    An early view of the universe.
    If you haven't heard yet, you're living under a rock.
    This proves it, it's hopeless to guard against laptop theft.
    Would you like to play a game?
    Ooooh! Endangered Invertibrate!
    The inside scoop on The Smoking Gun (dot com).

    Wow... he built a tree house.
    Oh yeah... and braces are cool!

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    ...and here I thought the Gestapo was pretty much gone:
    I had an accounting test today -- my professor wasn't in so we had a substitute. Wow.
    She came right in storming... had an accent, and was ab-so-lute about what she wanted done. She was not supposed to be here, this was eating into her time, she didn't want to be here, and wanted everyone started as soon as possible. We needed to be at least 1 seat apart, books on the floor, bags on the floor, only calculators and writing implements allowed. No calculators that were programmable, "No you can't sit there -- I can't see you" (he was behind a post). She then grabbed the table and moved it to the side of the room and made him sit there facing the wall. Another person she made come up and sit at her table up front. Everyone was just in awe at this woman, I just pictured her in a uniform screaming German and doing the whole Zeig Heil thing...
    Whew... glad I made it out of there without any direct eye contact - as my soul probably would have been sucked right out of my body.

    Oh... had this weird thing with Deja Vu a while back. I believe I mentioned something to one of my colleagues here at work - but it was the kind of thing you wouldn't exactly remember unless it was your own recollection... so he probably doesn't recall, otherwise it would be that much cooler.
    I remember having this dream/vision about a year or so ago... I was busy, back at school, still working at the same place. I had a car, but it wasn't a car I knew (it hadn't come out yet) but I knew it wasn't the probe... it was new. I was sitting in this car and looking at a red Miata convertible covered with snow, somewhat dark out. I remember the dash being all silver and blue flashing lights (stereo) which at the time I still had my Alpine stereo which did much the same thing. I picked up my car on Monday, while I was getting all situated, almost ready to go... I looked up after backing into the parking space. Sure enough -- there was the Miata. I stopped. I was taken aback and got that really weird feeling in my stomach. I just kind of whispered to myself: "No Fate."
    I had been given a glimpse of a goal... some flash of the future, and either I changed everything to get the desired result... or it was just meant to be from the start. Whatever it was I had seen it before, and having it be confirmed is comforting... again, knowing that I'm on the right track, I suppose.

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    Wednesday, February 12, 2003


    My iMac was originally supposed to ship on or before 02/11, now it's been delayed until on or before 02/26...
    In preparation for OSX::
    Mac OSX Hints
    Unix Basics

    Lion kitty - 1, 2

    Really cool active camoflage proven.
    Police find drugs, and cell phone guns.
    Rent your own small European town.
    A cooincidence... or a hidden shark conspiracy to buy low and sell high?!!
    GATOR officially sucks.

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    Search Popdex:

    This is because I submitted my site and it requires having a link in return. I will affix it more permanantly in the future, but for now you're better off clicking the link (opens up a new window) vs searching (puts the whole page in this mini-window).

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    Tuesday, February 11, 2003


    I went to class today, nothing special there -- funny thing I wanted to note:
    I started my COBOL professor on a "Superman 3" discussion today -- We were talking of rounding in COBOL, and I asked how that would effect something like, say... banking.
    He knew what I was getting at, asked about Richard Pryor's character and how he did it - which was more then I was expecting. To tell the truth, I haven't seen it since I was little and couldn't recall any of the details such as how he was caught, etc.
    At any rate, he went on about how he took the interest remainder, the <.005 cents for each calculation and put it in his own account -- If that sounds familiar they also used the idea in Officespace (giving the Superman movie the credit).

    I think he received mostly blank stares but I was all for it. I really felt the Superman plot recall... maybe that's just me.

    I saw 2 great movies last night @ Walmart - The Care Bare movie (certain individuals come to mind), and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes with Kirk Douglass (when he was about 17). I would have picked up "The Computer..." had it been on DVD... it also reminded me of another great movie (which I just had to confer with my collegues here at work about b/c I couldn't remember the name...) -- CHiP. It's a robot situation comedy of sorts. =]

    Small Wonder was a really good tv show, it was on Saturday mornings... and later went to syndication weeday afternoons. The girl was a robot, and the family had to hide her. It was the father's claim to robotics and he had to show it to be practical in order to prove that it could be done. There was a lot of robot sutiation comedy there, too.
    There used to be this show on Fox, where a girl was half alien, she lived with her... uncle, for some reason I think her mom had died? She could freeze time, wore jump suits, and was pretty cute (when I was 12). I used to love watching it... but can't for the life of me remember what the name of it was. I'd love to find some tapes/episodes online.

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    Monday, February 10, 2003


    So -- as usual it's been a busy couple of days. I worked Saturday, caught up on sleep, video games, and homework on Sunday, and went to go get my new car (Mazdaspeed Protege) today.
    It was a race against time. I didn't get out of class until 12, then couldn't get ahold of anyone (and of course, didn't plan ahead) to go with me (can't drive 2 cars at once, after all) until about 1:30 -- didn't leave until 2:00, didn't get out of the bank in Ware until 3:00, and had to be in Shrewsbury by 4:00 in order to get the plates and inspection into the RMV during business hours.
    We made it... hurried as much as we could to get there, while maintaining a safe speed through the snow -- then it took about 2-3 hours of waiting until it was ready. By that time it was dark, snowing, and getting colder.
    The ride home was fun, had to take it easy because of the snow, but I could just feel the power. ;) By the time I got home there was about 2 inches of snow on the road and that power was working against me. The tires would just spin now matter how slow I took it, all the low-end torque showing its dark side.
    I made it without incident, but I wasn't going out anywhere else. I had picked up a car cover on my way, parked it in the garage and covered it up as soon as I got home.
    It's staying there until spring, when I'm able to drive it. Granted, it has Potenza tires on it now, certainly not made for snow -- but I'm still not sure how much promise there is for this as a winter car. I won't have to make that decision for another year - however.

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    Friday, February 07, 2003


    I had my taxes done at H&R Block by a real person - $1200 back Federal, $75 state, MA is getting poor apparently because they changed a lot of tax laws which resulted in me losing out on all my money! Minus fees and whatnot, I still come out about $400-$500 ahead over the online tax thing. Hopefully this will help others in their decision(s) regarding their taxes for this year =]

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    Thursday, February 06, 2003


    I just did my taxes online... or attempted to. I swore I'd never go back to H&R Block online, and then they sent me an email... I gave it a shot, but with more then $3500 taken out for federal -- H&R says I get $693 back. Bull-shizat!
    I'm going to a human who can play with my figures until I get some real money. =]~

    I got to see my new car, it came in the other day - Black Mazdaspeed Protoge, all tricked out right from the factory. "Oh yeaaaaah, baby." I faxed all my info to the bank to get a loan, put another deposit down on the car... and now I just wait for it all to come together so I can go pick it up. I'm actually not in that big of a hurry because I'd rather not drive it until it's full-on spring out. Or at least March =]~
    salt = bad

    I'm awaiting my final trancendance into darkness...
    Check out the specs.

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    Tuesday, February 04, 2003


    Professionalism:: accepting that some people are going to be dicks, no matter what... and they may have a leg up because of their position in the office, but that's no indication on life.

    Everyone looks forward to that defining moment of "telling someone off". Albeit satisfying, it wouldn't solve any real issue. Nothing good can come of the situation. Unless they're really asking for it... then there's a time and a place for everything, I suppose.

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    Mmmm, Sim City 4.
    "Wooooooah... tainted blood, ooooh"
    Time's best up-and-coming gadgets for the new year.
    Why just talk about war... when you can play it on your PDA.
    Speaking of war: let's start carpet e-mail bombing Iraq...
    Microsoft might have gotten a good whooping for not installing their own security fixes... but it could have been worse.
    Catholic church attempts to battle technology with search for patron saint of the internet, what does that even mean - exactly? Is it along the lines of a holy sys-admin?
    Fun... fun... fun!

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    Monday, February 03, 2003


    Everyone is about goals today. I suppose it's not particular to today but today's just got a lot of "goal orientation" going for it.
    Wouldn't you know it -- I ignored my alarm clock today. I heard the radio... then a short while later, the blaring alarm. I leaned into it and turned it off (I purposely have the alarm clock uncomfortably far from my bed). I "rested" for another 10 minutes... which by the time I decided to get up was 9:45 with class @ 10:10.
    I made it, I'm here now... but on the way I heard a little "goal orientation" speech by someone on (wouldn't ya know it) 97.3:
    "your bling bling doesn't mean anything if you're living the life you're not capable of. Make your money work for you - invest, keep it working for you... I've got my truck, it's paid for now... and it's a nice truck. I got my house... ya see, some people they're all car or house-poor, they got the place but you go in there and they don't even have no furniture... ya know, I'm sayin."

    Then I clicked over to Stern (the fine speech had caught my ear and kept me from changing it) and heard a Mioplex commercial on WCCC - "Mioplex bars will help you reach those goals." citing working out... or getting where you want in life (having enough energy @ the office...yadda yadda).

    It seems that with everything that's going on now, people are holding on to what's coming, the future holds promise... so hold on to that, work for it - and don't see yourself where you are now, keep sight of where you want to be and you'll get there. It seems to be a good philosophy, especially for those that don't have much hope in these "economic hard times" I know people who are out of work, but normally it is due to incompetance, attendance, and lack of will to have a less than desireable job. They would only get $10 an hour vs $12 so they choose to sit on their ass for as long as the state will allow them.
    I was in that position once, hated it... they gave me the crutch I needed, and I went with it... even if they did take the crutch away about halfway through my figuritive leg healing.
    So, what have we learned today?
    -- Goals are important, stick to them, consume Mioplex and listen to 93.7

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